Why Claim Or Add Your Business On LocalArea.com?

When we created LocalArea.com, one of the first steps we took was sourcing a robust database of local businesses across most markets in the United States. If you are the owner of a local business, there’s a good chance you already see your business on LocalArea.com and now you are wondering how to access your page. Fear not, claiming your business is quick, easy, and FREE! And, if you don’t see your business, no need to fret, adding a new business on LocalArea.com is just as simple!

However, you might be wondering, “why should I bother adding or claiming my business on LocalArea.com?” and that is a great question! Adding or claiming your business on LocalArea.com is your way of taking ownership over that business page. Of course, we will need to take a few steps to confirm you really are the business owner before we hand over the ‘keys’ to a business’s page, but once you are verified, the page is yours to customize.

Once you are ready to go, you can start enjoying all the Free benefits. A Free account gives you access to your business page on LocalArea.com where you can update any business details and begin to connect with your local customers by providing current and accurate information about your business, while also responding to customer comments and the opportunity to post 1 basic coupon.

With your Free account you gain many great benefits to help you grow your business and contact with your local customers.

Business Owners - Free Benefits and Tools

Custom Coupon Designer

  • Gain access to our proprietary coupon design software and begin creating and uploading professional coupons for your business.

Promote Coupons Online, Anytime

  • Promote custom coupons on your LocalArea.com business page or share them via print, email, social media, or a number of other digital platforms.

Social Sharing for Coupons

  • Make your business go ‘viral’ in your local market with coupons that customers can share across various social media platforms.

Embed Coupons on Your Online Pages

  • Publish the custom coupons you create on LocalArea.com to your own website, blog, or anywhere else online.

Download Coupons as .PDF or Image

  • Download high quality, printable, coupons to distribute offline.

Track Coupon Statistics

  • View and track coupon statistics to evaluate campaign performance and results.

Published Coupons

  • You can design and save unlimited coupons and publish a limited number of coupons at a time on LocalArea.com.

Additional Local Exposure

  • Gain additional exposure for your business when you publish custom coupons to your business page on LocalArea.com. Coupons will also be searchable and appear in other sections of the site, making your business stand out to potential local customers.

Access Coupon Templates and Upload Featured Coupons

  • You gain full access to our Coupon Templates or you can upload your own predesigned coupons, on LocalArea.com. These coupons receive additional exposure and appear first on the site, ahead of non-featured coupons.

Don’t hesitate, add or claim your business on LocalArea.com today!