Shopper Benefits

We created LocalArea® as a way to modernize the relationships between local businesses and the communities that support them, providing mutual benefit to all who use our platform in the process. In order to achieve this goal, we knew we needed to create a something that would provide a unique benefit to the shoppers who visit Whether it be through our ever-growing, easy to search, database of local businesses, or our game changing custom coupons providing valuable discounts at local businesses, we think there are many ways for shoppers to benefit from using

Benefits for shoppers include:

  • Access to a robust and ever-growing database of local businesses
  • The ability to search by location, by category, and using specific search terms
  • The opportunity to find great coupon deals from businesses in your local area
  • The capability to ask questions of local businesses and leave feedback for other shoppers to benefit from
  • The ability to benefit from feedback left by other shoppers

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