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How Does Fundraising Work on LocalArea®?

Fundraising has been at the core of successful community organizations for as long as they have existed. Whether it was a youth baseball team relying on a local restaurant to sponsor them for a season (and proudly feature the business name on the backs of their jersey’s) or a school’s PTA relying on donations from a local bakery in order to run a successful bake sale, it is the relationship between these community groups and local businesses that made them both successful.

Fast forward to today and gone are a lot of these opportunities for collaboration between businesses and community groups. Not only have local businesses suffered at the hands of national ‘mega’ businesses, but community organizations have suffered as well. What once was a great relationship that allowed for both local businesses and community groups to grow and flourish has been replaced by corporations with headquarters so distant, they can’t be bothered to support initiatives that benefit the local community.

Enter LocalArea®, a revolutionary new platform for connecting local businesses with the local communities that support them, while providing local community groups with a new way to raise the funds they need. Through our proprietary affiliate Fundraising program, local community groups can register for a FREE account on LocalArea® and then earn valuable dollars for their organization by recruiting new local businesses to LocalArea®. Through our state-of-the-art technology, we can track any new business joining our platform via referral from one of our local partners. Then, we can give credit back to the organization that recruited a business for the entire life of our relationship with that business. In this way, community groups can build recurring revenue streams that stay with the organization well beyond the tenure of any current volunteer board. Even better, the local businesses recruited to LocalArea® will benefit from additional exposure to local customers, the ability to offer valuable coupons to potential customers in their local market, and a greater partnership with the community who can make their business a success. Best of all, your local community is the greatest benefactor as the partnerships built between community groups and local businesses ultimately provides your local area with stronger, better funded community organizations, and great deals at growing businesses in your local area!

What types of community organizations can utilize the Fundraising feature of LocalArea®? Some examples include:

  • School PTAs
  • Youth Sports Teams and Clubs
  • Community Churches
  • Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
  • And more!

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