About Us

What is LocalArea®?

There was a time when local businesses were tied tightly to the communities where they did business, relying on relationships built within the community to make their businesses a success. This symbiotic relationship with their local community was at the core of what made local businesses successful. Further, it also provided local consumers with great values and local communities with willing fundraising partners. We created LocalArea® as a way to bring the relationship between local businesses and the communities that support them back to the way they used to be. However, times have changed, and things can’t be done the same way they always were…they can be better than ever before!

  • Through the use of advanced search technology, LocalArea® gives businesses a robust platform to connect with customers in need of their goods and services.
  • By utilizing state of the art coupon technology and continuously offering new coupons from local businesses, LocalArea® customers get the best deals while supporting the businesses in their local community.
  • With modern software, LocalArea® gives community organizations the opportunity to utilize their connections with local businesses to fundraise in a way like never before.

We designed LocalArea® for value-minded people who are looking for great coupon deals from local area businesses. We believe that when businesses support their local communities, and communities support their local businesses, everyone wins!

Our mission is to change the way communities and local area businesses interact with one another, while revolutionizing the coupon industry in the process.

Our company’s core values will guide us in delivering upon this mission.

  • Building Relationships
  • Providing value to both local business and consumers
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership

LocalArea® is a privately held company based in Jacksonville, FL with customers and business partners across the country.

LocalArea® is free to use, and is easy.